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Bible Study

Spend time studying God's word with fellow Christian brothers and sisters or in the comfort of your own quiet space.  Join us for one of our bible studies.
Sunday Bible Study

Our Sunday Bible study is devoted to Bible/life-related topics.   We ask and answer questions about God and our daily lives.  Come join us as we dig into the Word of God and find eternal truths and solutions to life's opportunities and challenges.

Thursday Bible Study - Galatians.jpg
Midweek Bible Study

Our midweek Zoom Bible study is directed at going through a book of the Bible.   You will receive information on the historical background of the book and author as well as a review of the book using the original languages of the Word of God.   Applications of the truths of the book will be made to daily life and discussion is encouraged. 


Zoom Meeting ID: 841 5025 6520

Bible Basics

Online study to introduce the main teachings of the Bible.

This Bible information course teaches the basics of the Christian faith using short videos. 

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