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Our Pastor

Our Pastor

Rev. Ib Meyer


Phone: 473 435-9886 ext. 500

Mobile: 473 417-1311

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  - Bio

Pastor Ib Meyer was born in the United States of America (USA) but grew up in Europe and Africa.    His father, originally from Norway, was a naturalized citizen of the USA.  Pastor Ib completed his primary and secondary education in Malawi, Africa and in the Republic of South Africa and received his undergraduate degree from Martin Lutheran College and his Masters in Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.  He served as a pastor, a bishop, and a missionary in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) and has served congregations in California and Washington states, and carried out mission work in Mexico, Africa and the Caribbean.


Pastor Ib also served as a peace officer in the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and held positions in Detentions, the Courts/Fugitive Warrants Division, Patrol, Training, Administration and with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.  He has multiple law enforcement certifications and is a certified Train the Trainer.


Pastor Ib is married to Rachel and they are blessed with 6 children.   He speaks and read multiple languages and enjoys sailing, diving, hiking, reading, singing, and every now and then, he will get his violin out and play.


Pastor Ib serves as the Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in the Woodlands, Grenada, the Bishop of the Lutheran Churches of the Caribbean and the mission coordinator for the Lutheran Churches in the Caribbean.

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