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Grace Lutheran School


At Grace Lutheran, our mission is to deliver the best Christian and academic experience to primary school scholars in Grenada. Learners spend time exploring the foundations of Christian faith through the Christ Light curriculum. They make sense of the world around them through the core areas of  Science, Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Social Studies which are aligned to the OECS Performance Standards. Other focus areas are Spanish, Introduction to Music, and Physical Education. Offering a well-balanced curriculum through a critical-thinking and problem-solving approach, our teachers use effective teaching strategies tied to Bloom's Taxonomy of learning objectives.

How does being “Lutheran” affect Grace’s education process?


Lutherans believe that human growth is not only physical, mental, and emotional, but also spiritual. Grace’s goal is to provide a “holistic” education in all of these areas. Lutherans are first of all Christians and are followers of Christ’s teachings in the Bible. In Grenada all schools, even government schools are basically Christian in nature.  That being said Grace Lutheran School will...

  1. Teach basic Bible stories as historical fact. (Creation account, Noah & the Flood, Jesus Resurrection from the dead)

  2. Use the Bible to teach basic ethics and morality. (Love you neighbour as yourself, don’t steal, don’t lie, respect your parents)

  3. Model Christian ethics and morality among our staff and leadership.

  4. Use love as the primary motive for learning, self-development, and human interaction. God loves us, shows us how to love, and enables us to love. Only love motivates without resentment.

  5. Teach a Christian “World View”. Where did we come from? God. Why are we here? To serve God and manage His world. What is wrong with the world? Sin (evil imperfection that God allowed when he allowed people to have free will.) Where are we going?  After death, God will take us home to heaven because he Redeemed me (bought me back) from sin and death.

  6. Make prayer and spiritual songs a part of our daily routine.

  7. Require memorization of age appropriate portions of the Bible. For instance, in most Grenada schools children memorize the 23rd Psalm.

  8. Respectfully tolerate other religions and churches. We will acknowledge the truth of history, the impact of other religions and churches, and even the less than complimentary chapters of Christian history. We will not speak aggressively against other religions nor will we promote them. We believe God’s truth and His love are appealing in itself and do not need us to defend it or guard it by chasing away all other ideologies.

  9. Will not allow students to opt out of classes or activities because of dissenting spiritual beliefs.

  10. Recognize that your children are a precious gift of God and take our responsibility to nurture them with utmost respect, sincerity, compassion, and diligence. We know that God will hold us accountable.

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