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Co-Curricular Programmes

*For Grace Lutheran School students ONLY


Chess is well known to benefit students by building their critical thinking, mathematical, memory and problem solving skills. This programme will allow our students to learn and experience this sport in a fun and low-pressured environment.


As technology continues to advance, it is imperative to equip students with the skills needed to stay up to date. This programme involves teaching students how to give instructions to computer programs and robots, which builds their creativity, logical and computational skills. These sessions are held during the school day as a part of the curriculum and we highly encourage that all students are enrolled.


This training is specific to the members of the competitive school teams and is separate to the GRASP football programme. The goal is to strengthen the students interested in playing on the school's team.


This programme is for students interested in learning and developing their tennis playing skills. The students will also build their sportsmanship and team spirit by participating in friendly competitions both in- and outside of school.

Track & Field

This programme is geared toward developing the athletic ability of the students in an effort to build their individual skills while strengthening the school’s competitive team. Activities include running, hurdles, high jump, shot put & javelin.

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