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Grace Recreational & Afterschool Programs (GRASP)

At Grace we offer a variety of extracurricular programmes to keep our students interested and engaged in learning outside the classroom.

Sporting activities, Music and Art programmes are meant to add fun and enjoyment to students' lives even after the 'school day' has ended.

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Art Care

This programme aims to allow students to express their artistic abilities and deepen their love for art. The main focus is on teaching students how to draw while incorporating other senses through story telling and fun activities.

Facilitator: Nahshon Jeremiah Arts


This programme is geared at providing a positive and engaging learning environment for students interested in different forms of dance. Dance forms include Ballet, Modern and Contemporary styles.

Facilitator: Nigel Cruickshank


This programme aims to develop the football skills of students through fun and educational practice sessions. It is both for experts and novices alike, with a goal of sharpening technique, building good sportsmanship and fun through sport.

Facilitator: Coach Philip Rodriques


Having the skill to play an instrument or the 'ear' for music is a proud accomplishment for many. This programme helps to foster your child's ability to play a musical instrument, more specifically the keyboard.

Facilitator: Gabriel Van Sickle


Whether your child is a novice, expert or completely terrified of the water, this programme is for you. We offer classes for every swimming level focusing on each student's water needs. Our goal is to make them water safe and excellent swimmers.

Facilitator: Coach Valorie Andrew


This programme teaches the students discipline, mental strength and physical ability through martial arts. Taekwondo is an important sport in shaping children as it instills respect for self and others, while building good habits and overall fitness.

Facilitator: Kevin Guy

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Unleashing Creativity

This is an exciting 12-week mixed media art class specifically designed for children in grades 1-6. It aims to foster creativity, develop artistic skills, and provide a fun and engaging environment for young artists to explore various art techniques and materials.

Facilitator: Salomie Lawrence

* All prices are quoted per term in Eastern Caribbean Dollars
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